Nicole Brigandi and Robbie Swale are coaches, passionate about enabling people to live their lives the way they want to, and have the biggest, most positive impact on the world that they can. They first met at a Brené Brown talk in 2015, and since then have bonded over coffee, the struggles of running your own business, and a partnership which has stretched both of them in ways they wouldn't have expected. Their work experience spans the private, public and charity sectors, as leaders, managers, consultants, trainers and coaches. 

About Nicole

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I’ve always had a curiosity for what motivates people to achieve great things and a passion for supporting them to do so. My ambition as a coach is to help my clients reconnect to their inner most values, design the lifestyle that most reflects who they are, and empower them with the confidence to live that life!

My deep curiosity about connection and human dynamics initially led me into management consulting. Now, as a business psychologist and consulting professional, I have 10+ years experience supporting organisations in the private, public, and charity sectors to lead effectively, work smarter, and develop high performing teams. My experience combined with my coaching and psychology training, uniquely positions me to advise companies and leaders to overcome challenges in achieving their ambitions. 

Why Personal Branding? I'll be honest, I don't particularly like the term "personal branding". However, when you scratch below the surface, personal branding is the reflection of your identity and the intention you put out to the world. Beyond the jargon and the spin, it's how you articulate and live your true values. Going through the process of understanding yourself and how you can uniquely contribute helps to better connect to your core purpose, and can be a transformative experience. I believe that we all have unique power within in us to create incredible things. Personal branding offers a framework to hone in on your super powers and offer them out into the world!

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About Robbie

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I coach people on their careers, their work and their lives. It's great work. I have my own coaching business, and also work with other organisations like coachingpartner and The Coaching School.

I have spent most of my working life trying to find work that really fits with me: that makes me happy and gets me up in the morning, that I'm good at and that enables me to make the biggest difference I can, contributing to the world in a way that is really me. That took me quite a long time, and to some interesting places along the way!

I also write, a regular blog on LinkedIn, and posts for my own website and organisations including Evercoach and The Good Coach

Why Personal Branding? The first time I came across branding was in my work as a leader, holding responsibility for the brand of an organisation, and then running a rebrand for an organisation in a subsequent role. There, I developed the interest for how the story and consistency of a brand can make a big difference to an organisation's ability to engage people. As an individual I refined my personal brand - and the storytelling and coherence that goes with it - over many job interviews over the first decade of my career. But I really began to see the power of mastering my personal brand when I struck out on my own as a coach: suddenly my own confidence, and that of my clients, depended on understanding the unique set of gifts and experiences that led me to this place. This is the real power of personal branding: it is how you speak to others, and it is how you think of yourself. And those are important if you want to change the world.

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